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Automagical Twitter feeds on artist pages

Twitter is really great.


But really – it is such a simple means of instantly getting hold of anyone you want, not to mention find out what’s going on in the world around you. All of that whist retaining the degree of privacy and separation that made the internet attractive to so many in the first place. Twitter created a world where where any lonesome bedroom Bieberette half way across the planet could hold out legitimate hope for a brief moment of acknowledgement from the chosen one. And that’s pretty special.

And lets not even mention that Yapamp’s first 50 or so real users have almost all come from Twitter.

Right from the start I’ve wanted the artist pages to be somewhere people can go to see all the latest happenings at a glance, and not just in terms of what the community around an artist page is saying, but what the artist is doing right now.

Of course adding a Twitter account for each artist page manually as the site grows would be totally insane. There’s already over two thousand and the site has just opened. So in an attempt to save hours, days and weeks of data entry hell, Yapamp finds the accounts on its own.

Unfortunately, as any computer program is only as smart as its programmer – Yapamp only gets it right most of the time. Until I can decide one something more elegant, there’s a little system in place for when a user wants to flag an incorrect account.

Hopefully this might curb any outbursts from bands who suddenly find themselves being represented by the tweets of a random Sudanese takeaway.


BTW, did I mention how great Twitter is?

Yapamp blog is go!

Aaaand its working. Huzzah. Get on the dance floor.

Good. So, it’s been a while since I started coding Yapamp – almost 5 months in fact, and the site has been in live alpha for almost 2 months in one form of another. A lot of things happened in that time, feature wise. In its current state Yapamp has a few of the basic things I want, seems to work okay, and has a handful of registered users. Now that there’s something to talk about, I will.

In the programming/startup world its kind of a no-no to try doing any kind of social network – its notorious for being one of the default bad get rich ideas that every other person and their dog wants to take a run at. People will advise you against it, not because most of the established ideas are particularly hard to code, but because its near impossible to get people to use the thing and keep doing so. There are a lot of notorious failures, not to mention the immeasurable number of flops that will barely have gotten off the ground before crashing in a spectacular inferno of investment funding or flounces of development apathy.

But one of the benefits of being a lone programmer is you can take a stab at these things with nothing to lose, except your own time (and sanity), and for no other reason than making stuff with computers is awesome.

So here it is, a blog that will record the journey of Yapamp – statistically doomed as it may be. I think I have a lot of great ideas to make the thing work, or at least be fun to create, and I’ll be documenting every step in, hopefully, as much of a candid and personal manner as I can.

Here goes. Get psyched! (?)